The truth is that you cannot get what you want in life until you decide what that is, so the question of the day is, “What do you want?” Do you know what you want? Many people I meet are not happy and are not sure why. They have no idea what they want. One thing I have learned is that until you clearly define what you want you cannot get direction.

Believe it or not you have a built in navigation system. Deciding what you want sets the destination. Without a destination you cannot get instruction. Your belief is what turns the navigation system on, so you need to believe that you can achieve whatever it is you desire.

Remember, you don’t need to know ‘how’ to get what you want. You only need to believe that what you desire will come to you, and whatever you do, don’t put a time limit on the delivery. Allow the universe to surprise you and give you what you desire at the exact right time.

Many people give up on what they really want because they don’t believe they can attain their desires. All things are possible when you take into consideration the spiritual realm. Our vision in the material world is so limited and too often we place limits in our thinking looking at only the physical world.

Open your mind and heart to your own spirit and soar.

Next, you have to keep moving and do the best you can with the task at hand. Do the best you can do and keep as positive and happy as possible. If something appears to be negative just know and trust that there is a lesson you need to get before you get what you want.

Being happy and grateful for what you have will get you what you want faster.

Finally, you need to watch what you think and say. Thoughts and words are energy and they create our world so if you think you will never have what you want, you will be correct.

Think and say, “I can” and you fuel the engine of your navigation system. Just watch how magically things happen to deliver you to your goal. 

The minute you say, “I can’t” you turn the system off. So take advantage of your navigation system and turn it on with you belief, fuel with saying “I can do it”. 

To begin, you only need to answer one question; “What do you want?”

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