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Senior Health and Living: Enjoy Your Health in Your Golden Years

Guest Blogger: Jason Lewis No matter your age, you can put your quality of life first. As your ...
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Why Making Happiness Your Primary Goal is the Fast Track to Success

My article as it appears in The Professional Woman’s Magazine: January 20, 2015 Insights from automotive sales leader ...
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The Heart and Soul of Happiness

What is the heart and soul of happiness? According to many experts it is believed that the Soul attaches ...
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What You Think Matters

What you think matters. In his recording of “The Strangest Secret” Earl Nightingale proclaims “You are what you ...
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Are You Creating Your Happily Ever After?

Are you creating your, “Happily ever after”? What are you waiting for? What you think matters, and what ...
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Tips for Losing Weight when Exercise is not an Option

By Guest Blogger: Cheryl Conklin Connect with Cheryl When you’re physically unable to exercise, losing weight sounds like ...
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10 Minutes to a Happier You

My new book, 10 Minutes to a Happier You: Start Your Day in a Positive Way, is designed ...
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