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Get Fitted for Attitude

Get fitted for Attitude. How does your attitude fit your life? We get our clothes altered to fit ...
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Some of My Favorite Inspirations

Happiness has become the main focus in my life and here a few of my favorite books on ...
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Put Happiness First

How can you ‘put happiness first’? Most of us are too busy to even think about that. The reality ...
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Is Happiness Overrated?

Is happiness overrated? In my opinion, happiness is underrated. Most people I know are so busy getting through ...
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Feeling Good is a Great Start to Any Day

Feeling good is a great start to any day. What do you do to feel good in the ...
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Make Happiness Your New Year Resolution

Make happiness your New Year resolution. “Why?” you ask. Because happiness is the best choice you can make. Your feelings ...
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What is the Secret to Success?

What is the secret to success? What makes a person successful?  With hindsight I can see clearly what ...
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