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Why Making Happiness Your Primary Goal is the Fast Track to Success

My article as it appears in The Professional Woman’s Magazine: January 20, 2015 Insights from automotive sales leader ...
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How I Became Known as ‘Fortune Cookie’.

Here is the tale of how I became known as ‘Fortune Cookie.’ A few years back I worked ...
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Do You Imagine Happiness?

Do you imagine happiness? What do you feel like if and when you do? Imagination is the most powerful, ...
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My Lesson in Happiness

Life is constantly teaching us lessons and I am so very grateful that my lesson is happiness because ...
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Make Room for Happiness!

Make room for happiness! Do you have piled up trash blocking your happiness? Where I live the trash gets ...
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What Does Happiness Mean to You?

What does happiness mean to you? How is your happiness in your hands? What is happiness? According to ...
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Happiness Really Does Matter

Why do most people not realize that happiness really does matter? According to, Shawn Achor, an author who speaks ...
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