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Do you feel as happy as you can be?find yourself working at a job you hate?need help finding the positive in your life?feel you’re living up to your potential?need help to keep focused?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I can help. I do sessions in person or on the phone.

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Lastest News From Terri

Tips for Losing Weight when Exercise is not an Option

By Guest Blogger: Cheryl Conklin Connect with Cheryl When you’re physically unable to exercise, losing weight sounds like an impossible feat. But whatever is preventing you from strenuous workouts doesn’t have to get in the way of your health and happiness. In...

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10 Minutes to a Happier You

My new book, 10 Minutes to a Happier You: Start Your Day in a Positive Way, is designed to give you a happiness boost. Our feelings are more important than most people realize. What we think matters but what we feel matters more. In this book there are simple...

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Dance Yourself Happy

Is it possible to dance yourself happy?  Can your happiness be just a dance away? An article appearing in”Psychology Today” written by Lane Anderson reports of a study done at the University of Derby. Depressed patients given salsa dancing lessons improved their...

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The Journey to My Soul

Have you taken the journey within? My journey deep within has given me a new awareness of my soul and the unseen world we are all connected by. We are a three part being and if we are not feeding all three parts it is difficult to sustain true happiness. Through...

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Feeling Good is a Great Start to Any Day

Feeling good is a great start to any day. What do you do to feel good in the morning? My routine is a bit much for most people but it makes me feel so good I actually feel as if I am getting younger. The way I feel most days is what gives me the discipline to do all I...

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What Do You Want?

The truth is that you cannot get what you want in life until you decide what that is, so the question of the day is, “What do you want?” Do you know what you want? Many people I meet are not happy and are not sure why. They have no idea what they want. One...

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The Power of Happy

Having All Power Propel You How do you describe HAPPY? Are you happy? You can read a thousand books, go to seminars, watch DVD’s, and listen to CD’s but the real question is: What are you willing to do to be happy or to become happier? Change is not at all hard....

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