Here is the tale of how I became known as ‘Fortune Cookie.’ A few years back I worked in a small BMW Center as General Sales Manager. My co-workers tagged one another with nicknames for fun and endearment. Very quickly I became known as “WooWhoo” because that is what I excitedly recited for every sale.

There was one salesman there who was so non-excitable and dry. One day he asked my co-workers about my whereabouts. In a very low, monotone voice he asked, “Where’s WooWhoo?” My co-workers laughed so hard and that became my nickname in the beginning.

As time went by and this sales team of four got to know me better, my positive personality and optimistic attitude became more apparent. One day something happened that did not appear to be a good thing, and a co-worker turned to me and said sarcastically, “OK, ‘Fortune Cookie,’ let’s see you put a positive spin on this situation.”

I can not even tell you what that situation was today because as soon as heard the nickname ‘Fortune Cookie’ a passion was ignited in me and I knew I had to write. My passion to inspire others and spread a positive message to all was born.

Immediately I began to send out a daily email entitled: Today’s Fortune CookieI sent it to my sales team, my children, friends, and eventually my old sales team.

This satisfied me for a bit but soon my passion grew too strong and I took the leap and began writing a book. With that embarked this website and I began to tweet as Thinkandbehappy and then started a Facebook page: Think Happy Be Happy where I post a daily message titled…What else? Today’s Fortune Cookie. And that is how I became known as ‘Fortune Cookie’.

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