Feeling good is a great start to any day. What do you do to feel good in the morning? My routine is a bit much for most people but it makes me feel so good I actually feel as if I am getting younger. The way I feel most days is what gives me the discipline to do all I do.

Let’s take today for example: First thing was an hour meditation, next I take my supplements along with a healthy shake I make with fruit and protein powder. Delicious! Next, prayers then exercise on the treadmill or trampoline to great music while smiling as much as possible.

My daily routine varies but most days I make sure enough time is allowed to meditate, pray, and get some aerobics in because I put my happiness first in my life. My experience has been that happiness makes everything seem easier. The shake as my breakfast,  along with the rest of my routine, just starts me off feeling like nothing negative can touch me, and usually nothing does.

When my schedule does not allow the time to fit everything in I will cut an hour of sleep to get the meditation in, and I cherish my sleep. But the exhilarated feeling that starts me off each morning is worth the effort. With a clear mind, my spirit soars as my body with aerobic exercise works out all tension, and the freedom of being one in complete harmony takes over me. It is beautiful.

It is difficult to be happy when your mind, body, and soul are not tuned in. Most people tell me they just don’t have the time to look inside and meditate. That is so sad because the Soul will not steer you wrong, it is the one part of you that will be around long after your body and mind go.

But your happiness is your choice. All I know is that my happiness level is so far over the top most days I need to share it or I will explode. I’m choosing to share…all happiness to you! And just know that feeling good is a great start to any day!

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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