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Terri Lynn’s Happy Talk

How I Became Known as ‘Fortune Cookie’.

Here is the tale of how I became known as ‘Fortune Cookie.’ A few years back I worked in a small BMW Center as General Sales Manager. My co-workers tagged one another with nicknames for fun and endearment. Very quickly I became known as “WooWhoo” because that is what I excitedly recited for every sale.…

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Do You Imagine Happiness?

Do you imagine happiness? What do you feel like if and when you do? Imagination is the most powerful, creative tool we have. How well do you use yours? One of my favorite sayings is that worry is a misuse of your imagination, but what is the best way to use the power of your imagination?…

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My Lesson in Happiness

Life is constantly teaching us lessons and I am so very grateful that my lesson is happiness because that is what I get to share with the world. Happiness is the lesson that has defined my life. However, I learned that lesson by living with terrible, crippling sadness. All I wanted was to die. Dying…

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Make Room for Happiness!

Make room for happiness! Do you have piled up trash blocking your happiness? Where I live the trash gets picked up twice a week. How about in your neighborhood? Have you ever missed a day? It is amazing how fast trash can pile up. The trash I am speaking of here, however, is your own personal trash. Every…

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What Does Happiness Mean to You?

What does happiness mean to you? How is your happiness in your hands? What is happiness? According to Webster’s dictionary the meaning of happiness is a state of well-being and contentment.  To me, happiness doesn’t mean laughing and having fun all the time, although laughter can certainly elevate your state of happiness and is highly recommended.…

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Happiness Really Does Matter

Why do most people not realize that happiness really does matter? According to, Shawn Achor, an author who speaks in his book “The Happiness Advantage” speaks about how we as a whole push our happiness out past the cognitive horizon so our brains never get to the reward it is after: happiness . According to Shawn the…

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Can There Be Peace Within Pain?

In trying times what can be done to maintain a positive outlook or how can there be peace within pain? For me, seeing people I care about hurt or have big challenges to overcome, is very difficult. As a parent I want to fix whatever my children’s problem may be and spare them the pain. My children are…

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Limiting Beliefs Interfere With Your Happiness

Can a limiting belief interfere with your happiness? Absolutely! Limiting beliefs hold us back in so many ways. My own experience has taught me well in this arena. Many years ago I went through years living with circumstances that caused me deep, emotional pain. The painful situation was out of my control, and only by surrendering…

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Decide To Be Happy Now!

What will happen if you decide to be happy NOW? According to what God tells us through the author, Neale Donald Walsch, in “Communion With God”, “It is the decision to be happy that creates the experience of being happy.” What does that really mean? From my own life experience I understand exactly what this means.…

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