Why is it important to know how to be more positive? Do you pay attention to what you think? Your thoughts really do matter in creating your life.

My own experience has taught me just how powerful thoughts really are. When someone asks you, “How are you?” what is your response? Just that one answer can enhance your life over time.

If you respond with, “Alright.” “OK.” or ” I’m Good.” that is not getting you to the positive side. Those responses are not positive enough to get you into the positive state of creating, or increasing your happiness level.

According to Rhonda Byrne in her book The Power we need to get ourselves over the 50% positive mark to be able to attract and create the life we desire. Good, OK, and alright are not over the 50% mark, so in a sense, they are negative.

To gain a positive handle on this one FAQ will enhance your life in no time. Try adopting a better response and add some enthusiasm. Something like, “Excellent!” “Fantastic!” with some emphasis. Others:” I’m great today!” “Happy, happy, happy!” “I feel awesome!” I think you get the idea.

When you begin to respond with enthusiasm on a regular basis to this one simple greeting we all use, you will begin to create that feeling in you, and you will also attract more positive experiences.

Once you master that one little change find another uplifting thought to replace a lower one. One small change each week and you will be soaring above that 50% mark in no time at all.

The higher over that 50% mark the easier it is to maintain a higher happiness level. Thoughts really do matter but how you feel matters more. You are a magnet! That is why I say, “Think Happy Be Happy!” So put some positive thoughts and feelings into your daily routine and pump up the happy!

Life is too important not to be lived in a positive state. That is why it is a good to know how to be more positive.

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