In trying times what can be done to maintain a positive outlook or how can there be peace within pain? For me, seeing people I care about hurt or have big challenges to overcome, is very difficult. As a parent I want to fix whatever my children’s problem may be and spare them the pain. My children are grown men now but I still have emotions about when I see them struggle.

As a friend I wish to help my friends anyway I can, and sometimes there is nothing I can do but pray. Watching a friend die due to ill health or an accident is heart wrenching when all you want to do is help. Suffering, pain and death is all part of our world but the question is: Can there be peace?

The pain is real, and as much as I’d like to wave my magic wand and remove their pain and mine, it doesn’t work like that. But what can we do? How do we get through it and live in peace?

We all have to face our own pain. There is no way around pain if we care to live a full life.  Acceptance is the key and sounds so easy and yet is very difficult to do in the midst of troubled time. But it is the resistance to the pain that causes our suffering.

For me, I do the best I can to express my support for those I love and care about who are in pain. Then I do the best job I can at maintaining my own good feelings because I know the truth is: When you feel good, you feel God. Words Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke often. Dr. Dyer is one of my favorite inspirational authors. Feeling bad does not help the other person and for sure it does not help me.

Currently, my son is going through a difficult life challenge and I am feeling a bit helpless not knowing how to help. Sometimes we cannot help. For the past several weeks I have been feeling sad myself because of this and I know that is not helping him or me.

So today I commit myself to focus on all the good in my life and accept and trust that his journey will take him to exactly where he needs to be.Sending my love out to all and truly hope you can find peace within the pain. Blessings.

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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