Is your happiness on a back burner? Happiness can’t wait.Why do we allow anything to be put ahead of our own happiness? With the busy lives we all lead it is easy for our own happiness levels to slip. The kids have to come first, or is it the job, or school? Whatever it is you are putting before your own happiness, STOP!

A happy mom or dad is a better parent. Science proves that happy employees are better at everything, and a happy student will do better with less stress and effort. So, the question remains, why wait? Now I am not suggesting you discard all responsibilities and go play all day. The children need to be taken care of as well as whatever job you need to do.

What I am saying is that you need to plan the time necessary to feed your own body, mind, and soul. That is how true happiness is attained. And there are times when it is impossible. A new born in a household disrupts the sleep pattern, no doubt, and other things at times get in our way. But in the normal course of living, putting happiness first will enhance everything.

Just the change of a few habits to reduce the stress in your life will help. Once a few small steps are taken it opens the door for more. When you get into the habit of happiness first, feelings rise to create a snowball effect, and happiness gets easier to maintain.

All it takes on your part is the decision to put happiness first. We all know what it takes. Just fill in the blank. I should________.  Then commit yourself to do it.

If you really don’t know the answer try this exercise. Breathe deep for a few long breaths, close your eyes and relax. Once relaxed, keep deep breathing while asking yourself the question on the inhale, “I should____to be happier?”  then let the answer  flow  through your thoughts on the exhale. If you did not get an answer, try a few more times, the answer will come.

Making your own happiness wait is the same as making your body starve, over time the spirit will weaken in everything you do, deflate you in a sense. So it only makes sense to make the time for your happiness, and be the best you can be.

Happiness builds the immune system plus reduces the effect of stress on the body. Happiness shields you in a sense. Your own happiness cannot wait!

Follow your heart and grab your happiness… you were born to be happy.  It is time to ask yourself the question: “Is my happiness on the back burner?”

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