“When you feel good, good things happen!” is something I say quite often. I do believe strongly that feeling good is super important for living a happy, healthy life. We are magnetic and feeling good attracts more experiences to feel good about.

Happiness is our own creation whether we are aware of it or not. Happiness expands when we feel good and that is why I repeat that statement often. How much effort do you put into feeling good? Most of us do not even think about how we feel but the truth is that feeling good is the foundation for creating a happy life.

Every thought we have is pure energy and science has proven that the energy from our thoughts can change physical matter. The more positive the feeling that accompanies or Amplifies” the thought, the more power that thought has to create. Only you hold the key over the physical power in your life. Collectively, however, if all the world were on the same page (vibration) there is nothing we could not accomplish.

The power of creation has always been in our minds. Most of us are so caught up in the physical world we don’t make the time to notice our own spirit. For many people their spirit is suffocating and slowly dying from carrying the weight of a spiritless body…dead weight. For the body living detached from spirit, illness and depression can set in. We are a three part being and all three parts are important and need to be fed and nourished each day.

What do you focus on in your day to day life? Where are your thoughts taking you? How do you talk to yourself? Our self-talk is a great factor in how we feel. Realize that every cell of your body hears every thought and vibrates to the energy feeding it. 

I am speaking of the body, mind, and Soul connection. I capitalized the word Soul because I believe the SOUL is superior. The Soul was here before your body and will remain after the body is gone. Feel the connection. Love yourself.

True happiness cannot be sustained unless all three parts are recognized, fed, and nurtured. All three must be in harmony most of the time to feel good, to be in the sweet spot that allows life to flow. All is possible in this life of dreams. The secret is simple: Decide to be happy and be happy NOW because, “When you feel good, good things happen.”

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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