Happiness and peace are every one’s own choice, but when you look at your life do you find happiness, heaven and peace? Do you feel inner peace? The world around us reflects back to us what we project, and what we look for in life affects what we see.

This universe is one huge container of energy and is in constant change. Everything is contained in this container so whatever you look for you are able to find. When you look for love, you see love. When you look for hate, you see hate. When you look for heaven, you will see heaven. Heaven is here, now, if you choose to see the love in the life around you.

If peace on earth depended on your inner world, would there be peace? 

Are you ready to let go of all the negative feelings? We are the creators of our world and if we choose to see peace on earth we need to live in peace with our self first. Be the change  you wish to see in the world.

To decide to be happy, no matter what, is a great place to begin. Then go deep within into the silence. Peace lives in the silence of your mind and the stillness of your heart. Once you feel your own peace inside you, your world will begin to reflect that peace back to you. Heaven is found here, now, in happiness, in joy.

Life seldom seems that simple. Many people cannot conceive that their own internal world affects their outer world, much less, the world of those around them. We all contribute to the state of the world whether we realize it or not.

What are your feelings sending out into the universe? What are you willing to do to gain inner peace, world peace, happiness, and perhaps heaven?

We together have the power and can change the world with concentrated effort. Together we can find, happiness, heaven and peace here on earth.

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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