Get fitted for Attitude. How does your attitude fit your life? We get our clothes altered to fit our body, but what about our attitude? How often do we even think about our attitude or make adjustments? As a recruiter and sales trainer my job is to motivate others and I often tell my team, “Attitude, more than aptitude, will give you altitude in life.”

In order for me to motivate other people I need to keep myself in a positive state. This is something I work on every day. For me, the attitude of gratitude works the best. If ever I feel a bit down, I make a list of all that I am grateful for. Gratitude brings me right back up and is an instant state changer.

Happiness is a choice and depends on you. What you think matters. My own personal  experience has taught me clearly that it is possible to be happy, no matter what the circumstances are, when you make the choice and the commitment to be happy. When you have a can do’ attitude you will do whatever it takes.

A positive outlook will raise your happiness level. What you look for in life affects what you see. The ‘Pessimist’ and the ‘Optimist’ both live the same world but they focus on different things. The Optimist chooses to look for what makes her happy. The Pessimist looks at what is wrong or missing. What do you focus on? Focus is power.

When the attitude is right the facts don’t matter. Many on my sales team do not buy this truth but no matter what is going on around you, you and only you have control of what is inside you.

When you say, “I am responsible,” you empower yourself to create the life you desire. Once you take responsibility for whatever is wrong in your world you gain the power to change your circumstances. Life is not happening to you, life is happening through you and your attitude paves the way. So, how does your attitude fit your life? Get fitted for attitude!

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