So what does ‘Happiness and the Words We Speak’ have to do with anything? Well I will tell you this: Everything! I just heard someone say the other day when something went wrong, “That’s my job. I mess up everything.” I gasped when I heard those words because I knew this was not true. Never allow anything to pass your lips that you do not want to see manifested in your life…ever!

Believe it or not the words we use and speak help create our reality. Positive thoughts and words create a positive outcome. Complaining about anything only steals from your life and puts you in a negative vibe. For example: I used to say, “Oh, my aching feet!” Now I rephrase that to say: “It feels so good to take off my shoes!” Basically I am saying the same thing but in a more positive way.

Another example I caught myself in is that I used to say, “The traffic was horrible!” Today I change that by saying, “I am so happy and grateful to be out of that traffic!” We can phrase all we say in a positive, negative or neutral way, and when we state things in a positive way our life reaps the rewards.

Negative thoughts and words create a lower vibration and attract negativity to you and your life. Using positive thoughts and words create a higher vibration and attract more positive things. Just the way you respond to the question “How are you?” can make a difference: “I’m OK.” versus “I am Fantastic!” Or “Excellent” changes the tone and done repeatedly can change your life.

The message I hope you gain from this blog is that everything you think and say does  make a difference in your life. I urge you to live happy, stop complaining, gossiping, and judging others and live in a positive state because it is true that our words make a huge difference, and that is why I caution you to take notice of how your words effect your happiness.

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