Oh, how good it feels! Some days are definitely better than others, right? Today at work it was a little bit slow and I found myself watching the clock which I rarely do. With several hours to go I knew this was not going be a fun afternoon so I asked myself the question, ” What can I do to make this a great day?”

One thing I learned a long time ago is that sitting around waiting for something to happen does not deliver great results so I had better do my best to make something happen, so that is what I did. I grabbed a cup of tea and went to my office and picked up an assignment my boss had given me that was already complete but I asked myself the question, “What can I do to make this better?”

Funny how that when you ask the question the answer does come. I read the article that was given me and I looked at the material I had written and like magic I saw an area that could be expanded. I went right to work and tweaked my report and before I knew it the day was done.

Not only did the time pass quickly but I had a work assignment that was more thorough and more interesting. The biggest bonus was that I felt really good. I left work with a good feeling knowing I gave my best and when you feel good, good things happen! “Oh, how good it feels!”

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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