The other morning while exercising the song, “Feel This Moment,” came on by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera. The song really got my adrenaline going and my mind began to wonder about all the moments that get lost in thought during the day. How many moments do we really experience fully? That day I did my best to concentrate on what was happening in each and every moment, and I had a really great day.

Staying conscious and in the present moment takes work and I do put in the time to meditate, stay positive, and exercise but still I catch myself getting lost in thought about things that need to get done, something I need to tell someone or over things I’ve already said and possibly regret, the human brain can ramble on and on if we are not paying close attention.

In the book The Power of Now author, Eckhart Tolle, tells us that the only moment Spirit can guide us in is the present moment and so often we are lost in a task or thinking about the past or the future. When we consciously allow our Spirit to drive, there are no accidents. This is the only moment that counts!

At times, when I am able to get in the flow of life, that is my mind in a positive state, letting go of all negative thoughts and feelings, being filled with gratitude and being present, I can feel the power of the universe working through me. It is the most magnificent feeling ever! It actually feels like heaven on earth. Unfortunately, I do not attain that state as often as I’d like, but when I do it gives me the drive to keep working at it.

Often times when life is good, we stop pushing ourselves to create a great life. A good life can be the enemy of having a great life. When life is good, we are not motivated to put in the concentrated effort that it takes to create a great life and to get connected with the power of the universe. We are all connected through this Power. We are all One in this energetic field.

A great life is created by living each and every moment in awareness of the now and staying positive, no matter what. When life is bad most people focus hard and do all they can to make life better but having a good life can sometimes make us stagnant and not push for a better life.

When things are good, it is easy to be grateful for what we have and we feel blessed, and quite frankly it is true. Who can complain about having a good life? And there is nothing wrong with that. But you have to admit that when things are pretty good where is the incentive to push for more, and I do not mean material goods, although they can count, but more I speak of going deep within and getting connected with Spirit.

Being satisfied with a good life is fine especially if you have lived with bad circumstances in the past but for me personally, I am determined to have the best life I can and to find as many moments of heaven as possible. In this moment all is OK. In this moment I can let go of any attachments and allow my Soul to take the driver’s seat.

My commitment is to feel this moment and let go of all the negative as often as I can in hopes to create the greatest life ever. There isn’t any telling how long humans could live if we were able to sustain this feeling of inner peace and happiness. 

Feeling good and being happy are two of the most important things we can do for ourselves in the process of creation. We are each responsible for the energy we bring to life and how you feel is in your control. What are you willing to do to feel good and be happy? I can imagine heaven on earth, can you?

Wishing everyone peace, love and a life filled with gratitude. Together, I believe we can create heaven on this planet of ours. Will you please join me on the journey into Paradise? I sure hope so.

All happiness to you!

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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