Ten ways to boost your happiness. Is it really possible to choose happiness? If that is true why is everyone not happy all the time? To answer this question we need to define what does happiness mean? According to the dictionary happiness is to enjoy, display cheer or emote joy.

So, how can you be happy when you are in pain or living with circumstances that you dislike? The truth is, to be happy under all circumstances is no easy task and that is why so many people are not happy. But what I am here to tell you is that your happiness is in your hands and that when you put the effort in to raise your own happiness level everything in your life gets better.

This takes work. Just as an athlete trains to play the game so must you train yourself to live your best life. Each of us has different likes and goals but there are some general steps that can help elevate anyone’s happiness level. The first step is to make the decision to be happy, no matter what.

1 )Make a commitment to think a new thought; allow happiness; allow change. If you keep thinking the same thoughts you will get the same result.

2) In the present moment, and not things from the past, write a list of at least three things that you are truly grateful for.

3) Now, read the list and really feel the gratitude penetrate your being. Your feelings are the magnet.

4) Begin each morning by using your imagination and think of all the good things that might happen in the day ahead and give thanks for all these blessings in advance.

5) Make a conscious effort to find things in your day to be grateful for. Make a habit to stop every hour to inhale and focus on a positive thought.

6) Keep reminders in front of you, triggers that will bring your focus back to a positive thought (flowers work great for me), so when things get tough or you feel stressed you have a reminder of the commitment you made to yourself.

7) Force yourself to smile. A smile is an instant booster.

8) When you feel stress setting in or your mood heading down hill, change your physiology. Get up, take a walk outside for a few minutes, breathe deep, feel grateful for the air you breathe. Dance behind closed doors if you can, dancing is a great mood lifter.

9) Do something kind for someone else. This is another great mood lifter. Even a smile to a stranger is good enough to have an affect.

10) At the end of each day review all the happy moments and let the gratitude for them fill you.

These are simple beginning steps that will help change your focus and your life. Your goal each day should just be to be slightly happier than the day before. Gratitude is the best booster shot. When you are in a state of gratitude you cannot feel bad.

If you really want to commit and launch your happiness level to the moon, read Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic, and do the twenty-eight day exercises. You will turn your world around quickly. The question is: What are you willing to do? Are you willing to take responsibility for your own life and choose happiness? I have done so and I know my life is greatly enhanced because I learned how to choose happiness.

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