According to the experts it is believed that the Soul attaches to the body by way of the heart. The heart is the first organ of the body to develop and when the heart stops beating the Soul departs the body and causes death. So, all makes perfect scientific sense.

Heart based living is a concept developed by the HeartMath Institute that appears to be a less stressful and more creative way of life. According to studies the heart actually has a brain system and for centuries many ancient cultures have understood that the heart has the connection to a greater intelligence. The heart is where our intuition emerges but is often overtaken by our chattering mind.

True Divine Guidance comes from the heart. In order to live in a coherent state, as the HeartMath Institute labels this state where the heart and mind join forces and act as one organ, we must learn how to quiet our mind and allow the feeling of our heart to come through. Life in this state is a more creative, healthier state of being. In this state your heart rate actually changes as does the entire vibration you generate which affects you and the world around you.

Science has proven that everything in life is connected by the energy field in which we all swim. The energy that we as individuals each produce affects not only us and those around us but the whole Universe. When our heart and mind are functioning as one our vibration is synergistic and puts out harmonic energy into the world.

The majority of people on the planet want and wish for peace on earth. The question I often ask is. “If peace on earth depended on your internal world, would we have peace?” Most often I get a negative response to that question.

How can we get to a peaceful exterior world if we each do not have peace within? Getting to a peaceful inner world takes work but the benefits are so well worth it. Most of us carry around all the garbage of the past. The hurts, anger, guilt, sadness of things past. Learn to let it all go. Clean house and bring an empty slate to the present day.

Meditation can certainly help with that. Most of the time we are unaware of all the negative emotions we carry around with us that affect our lives in a negative way. Many people I speak with tell me they don’t have time to meditate or simply cannot quiet their mind. I beg you to begin the journey within.

Find a coach to assist you. Having someone to listen to you and give you pointers can be very insightful. No one has to do it alone these days. If you can get to a conscious, peaceful, inner state you will reap the benefits.

As humans, our feelings and emotions run deep and even when we think we worked through a physical or emotional pain there are often residual effects left behind in our energetic field which can wreak havoc with our vibration. I myself was shocked by this information when I went to an energy healer and with her knowing nothing about me or my life, she told me my life story as she peeled through layers of energy surrounding me. I was amazed as the words came from her lips and I felt so much lighter as I left her office.

So, my wish for you is to live from your heart whenever you can. In every moment of every day, we have two choices; to choose with our higher self or our human self. We get so lost inside our human self that most of the time we drown out our intuitive heart brain. That is where the benefit of meditation has given me the most improvement in my life. Meditation helps me to quiet my human brain and allows the divine to shine through.

We are all responsible for the energy we bring to our life and the world around us. My hope and prayer are that each and every person on this planet may find their own peace within because I truly believe that if we can accomplish peace within ourselves, we will find ourselves living in a peaceful, loving world.

All happiness to you!

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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