Have you taken the journey within? My journey deep within has given me a new awareness of my soul and the unseen world we are all connected by. We are a three part being and if we are not feeding all three parts it is difficult to sustain true happiness.

Through meditation and true soul searching I have had the most incredible experience; I have seen my own Soul. This experience came to me at a very painful, difficult period in my life due to a cathartic release of emotions. Emotions I had long locked inside me.

Due to being out of work for many months I was able to relax and through my dreams and meditation the truth of my past was revealed to me. Also, I was injured from a fall which slowed me down enough for me to allow my emotions to surface.

My limiting belief that my past pain would never cease because that time in my life would never come back held me back from experiencing the joy of life fully. I was happy on the surface but detached from my emotions so I did not feel as deeply as I could have. Once I became aware of this limiting belief I was able to allow the pain to surface and connect fully to my emotions. I had to walk through and feel the pain to get to the positive side of pain; happiness.

Once the pain surfaced I was able to release the pain of my past. I was amazed at how much more I was able to feel. This is the point when I began to write my book. All the feelings that I held deep within for twenty or more years I was now beginning to write about. My whole body ached from my fall and now every muscle in my body screamed at me all the while I would write. These feelings that my energy spent years keeping locked down were now being released and my body was fighting me with each word I wrote.

It was a cold, snowy day in Pennsylvania in January 2011 when more emotions poured in. My son’s wife at the time tried to commit suicide. Luckily she did not succeed but my heart bleed for both of them. With blizzard conditions all I could do was pray. I sat at the computer and wrote for hours feeling the pain of my past and now current situation. My feelings were so intensified and deeply felt. Every feeling I had was magnified beyond belief and I could not take the pain any longer.

I soaked myself in a hot bath to relax for as long as I could and what happened next is a true miracle to me. I wrapped myself in warmth, sat on my bed and closed my eyes. I went into a meditative state for about twenty to thirty minutes. When I opened my eyes I saw in the mirror across from my bed the reflection of a Being leaning over looking at me as if consoling me. As I turned to look at this Being of Light the figure retracted into the area of my heart. Immediately I was filled with love.

I was in awe. A peaceful calm came over me. I was not really sure what had happened but knew I was changed forever. This Soul sighting changed the way I see myself. The only words I can use to describe what I saw is; Pure, unaltered love. Calm. Divine Light. True feminine essence.

Now, not only do I understand, but I have experienced that my body is a vessel for the Spirit.  Instead of seeing all the flaws in myself and the world around me, I see the beauty that lies within each and every one of us. What a huge difference that makes in my life and the way I vibrate.

Happiness and joy are the state we should live in every day. Life is so amazing when we look and see the whole. We are connected. We are surrounded by love. We are perfectly imperfect. We are not alone.

No matter what is going on in your life I urge you to live happy. In a happy state your spirit can guide you much easier and when you are happy your vibration will attract more good things. If you are in a situation that you absolutely cannot be happy about, then accept where you are and find something you can be grateful for. Your gratitude will change your vibration. As I always say, “When you feel good, good things happen.”

Consider the fact that we are not just bound by the material world but have the spiritual realm to guide us, and when that happens life gets so much better!  Our vision sometimes gets blocked because we limit ourselves to the physical world but remember that all is possible when you allow the spiritual realm to guide you. Tune in and take direction from within. Plug into your Power.

My heart is filled with gratitude for this experience and for the life I have today. I urge everyone to ask yourself the question; “Is my soul happy?” You can find the answer to that question if you go within and listen to your heart. My wish is that everyone finds their own peace and takes a journey to their soul.

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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