Life is constantly teaching us lessons and I am so very grateful that my lesson is happiness because that is what I get to share with the world. Happiness is the lesson that has defined my life. However, I learned that lesson by living with terrible, crippling sadness. All I wanted was to die. Dying was not an option because of my two young sons so I had to find a way to be happy in the hell I was living , in order to survive.

What is the lesson that defines your life? What is the major lesson you have learned that you can share to help others in our world?

My belief is that we are all here to understand specific and different experiences. We are all the same and yet there are so many intricate variances, we are the same and at the same time uniquely different. I am the person I am due to the experiences and choices I have made. We all share similarities but our choices and experiences vary.

The life we are living is the effect of the thoughts and choices of yesterday. Once responsibility is taken for creating the circumstances of your life you are free to change those circumstances.

Our life experience does not always feel like we created it especially when we are hurting physically or emotionally but once we are aware that the circumstance is the effect and that we are the cause, all we need is the will to change.

Pain is a sign of resistance. Once we are able to let go completely we release whatever is causing the pain. This step does not take years of therapy; only awareness and the willingness to change. Happiness is a choice and no matter where you are in life you can make that choice. There is always something to be grateful for no matter how bad the circumstance.

My experience has taught me that choosing happiness is the best choice you can make because being happy makes you feel good and as I often say, “When you feel good, good thing happen.”

Once I was able to let go of my past pain and actually became grateful for the lesson the pain taught me, my whole life turned around and my passion grew with the need to shout out to the world…”Live Happy!” My website began several years ago and I am doing just that, sharing the ways I have found to be happy.  This is my purpose and I am so grateful that the lesson I have learned is happiness.

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