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Archive for October 2019

How I Became Known as ‘Fortune Cookie’.

Here is the tale of how I became known as ‘Fortune Cookie.’ A few years back I worked in a small BMW Center as General Sales Manager. My co-workers tagged one another with nicknames for fun and endearment. Very quickly I became known as “WooWhoo” because that is what I excitedly recited for every sale.…

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Do You Imagine Happiness?

Do you imagine happiness? What do you feel like if and when you do? Imagination is the most powerful, creative tool we have. How well do you use yours? One of my favorite sayings is that worry is a misuse of your imagination, but what is the best way to use the power of your imagination?…

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My Lesson in Happiness

Life is constantly teaching us lessons and I am so very grateful that my lesson is happiness because that is what I get to share with the world. Happiness is the lesson that has defined my life. However, I learned that lesson by living with terrible, crippling sadness. All I wanted was to die. Dying…

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