Make room for happiness! Do you have piled up trash blocking your happiness? Where I live the trash gets picked up twice a week. How about in your neighborhood? Have you ever missed a day? It is amazing how fast trash can pile up. The trash I am speaking of here, however, is your own personal trash.

Every day is a new start and we all get another chance to be our best.
However, if we are carrying about yesterday’s trash, the burden will get harder with each passing day. Learning to take out personal trash on a regular basis makes our lives so much easier.

Personal trash can pile up fast if we don’t pay attention to it. Those thoughts and feelings we all experience over our lifetime. Guilt for something we did or didn’t do, anger over what someone did to us, worry about finances or our job, any and all of those negatives that weigh us down.

I was shocked when I discovered that past events in my life were taking up room inside of me. I held a limiting belief that my pain could never go away because that time in my life will never come back. Once I realized that limiting belief was holding me back I was able to let go and was amazed at how much energy was released. I now have so much more room for happiness.

Learning to take the trash out by letting go at the end of the day any negative experience will enhance your life immensely. Examine the negative feeling, analyze it if you must and put it in the trash. Then contemplate something positive that happened, there is always something positive if you look for it and put the positive experience in your bank account of emotions. Feeling positive will enhance sleep also.

It may take some practice to achieve trash free living but it is worth the effort. To start out fresh each day feels so good. When all the negative feelings are gone there is so much more room for the good feelings, and as I often say, “When you feel good…good things happen.”

Many health problems and diseases are now being connected to negative feelings such as anger, resentment, and the largest contributor, stress. So learning to let go of these negatives, as best we can, will help us all live happier and healthier lives.

Every feeling generates a frequency and that is why those negative feelings are not good for us. Holding a resentment or not forgiving someone creates a negative frequency inside us and therefore only hurts us. It does nothing to the person we are angry with. So that is why I urge you to get rid of your personal trash and, “Make room for HAPPINESS?!”

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