How can you ‘put happiness first’? Most of us are too busy to even think about that. The reality is if we did take time for our own happiness first, all else would be better. Do you ever think about how happy you are? What kind of things do you do to raise your happiness level?

We are all three part beings of mind, body, and spirit. If one of those gets ignored for too long true happiness is not possible. However, when we take the time to honor and care for all three on a daily basis everything gets better over time. Most of us don’t put enough time into all three parts because we don’t see the long term effects.

Our body needs to be taken care of to function properly. If we do not eat properly we do not see the ill effects for years. When we eat properly, exercise regularly, and get the proper rest, we also do not see the long term effects for many years. We all would do better daily if we had a crystal ball to see forty or fifty years into the future. But we do not, however we do have the knowledge today to know.

Being in the auto business for over thirty years, I’ve seen many people take better care of their car than do their own body. Our body is the vehicle of our life, our spirit is the engine or the power that drives it, and our mind is our navigator. Seems only natural we’d pay attention to all three. True happiness and joy can only last when all three are tuned.

Our mind also needs to be feed with positive input. Read something that inspires you. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Watch an educational program. Even if you read only a few pages a day you can make a difference in your long term happiness. The negative will filter in through the day and if you start your day with something positive it will trickle outward and change your vibration.

It takes a real commitment to make the time to nurture all three but if you do you will see how much easier you deal with the stresses of daily living. It has been my firsthand experience to witness the difference in my own life. Meditation really works over time. My experience has been that once you get past the mind chatter and into your center, it all connects.

Honoring your own spirit by quieting your mind and relaxing your body will be more beneficial to your life than anything else you could do with your time. Today most of us just want that instant fix and don’t take the time to look deep within. I know that if you did, over time you would see a difference.

Meditation also brings an awareness to your thoughts, over time. So many people I speak with don’t know what they want and are stuck in jobs they say they hate. When I suggest meditation to them, immediately they give a thousand excuses why they don’t have the time, and I know it is only because they have no idea how much better things would be.

With the knowledge we have today of how all things are connected, doesn’t it make sense to look inside and find your own connection?

An appliance that is not plugged in does not work. The same with us. We have a power within that will guide us but if we do not plug into that power we don’t get the rewards. Your happiness lies within you no matter who you are, and the only way you can find it is to look within. My prayer for you is that you do learn to put happiness first.

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