Is happiness overrated? In my opinion, happiness is underrated. Most people I know are so busy getting through the day they do not take the time to focus things that make them happy. The Law of Attraction tells us simply that when we are happy, we will automatically attract more things that make us happy. But most of us are focusing on all that needs to be done and what we get are more things that need to be done.

Recently, I found myself in that rut, doing, doing, doing, and doing more but not taking enough time for fun. Fun is a big factor in living a happy life and I put fun on my back burner. So today I am committed to having more fun. My job puts the fun back in work. I love my job of hiring and training sales people to sell some of the best vehicles on the planet: Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen!

So, what are you focused on? Are you grateful for what you have? I have discovered that when you are happy and grateful for what you have your life soon turns into all that you love. This sounds so simple but we humans get so easily distracted. So easy it is to focus on what is missing or we so easily stress ourselves about what needs to be done that we forget to enjoy the process.

Today I have a new chant, “Everyday in every way my life gets better and better.” I am only a few weeks into this chant and I feel the effects already. I am happier. I am having more fun. But the greatest gift of all is that I am helping others to see this gift.

Gratitude is a key factor to happiness and happiness is a key factor to healthy living and success. Life is really not as complicated as we sometimes allow it to be. When you make happiness a priority and accept life as it flows, you will soon begin to understand and realize that in no way is  Happiness overrated.

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