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Archive for February 2019

The Flow of Happiness

Some days are better than others but all is good when you are in the flow of happiness. What is the flow to happiness? We hear this term used often today, even Oprah talks about getting in the flow. This flow is a pool of energy in which we swim that is all about us. Believe…

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Does Gratitude Deliver Happiness?

Does gratitude deliver happiness? Gratitude is the great multiplier. Being grateful for all the good things in this life comes easy for me, and it always helps to perk me up if things sometimes look dim. However, being grateful for something you wanted that you did not get…that took much more effort for me. Several years back…

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Happiness, Heaven, and Peace

Happiness and peace are every one’s own choice, but when you look at your life do you find happiness, heaven and peace? Do you feel inner peace? The world around us reflects back to us what we project, and what we look for in life affects what we see. This universe is one huge container of energy and is in…

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When You Feel Good, Good Things Happen

“When you feel good, good things happen!” is something I say quite often. I do believe strongly that feeling good is super important for living a happy, healthy life. We are magnetic and feeling good attracts more experiences to feel good about. Happiness is our own creation whether we are aware of it or not. Happiness…

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Get Fitted for Attitude

Get fitted for Attitude. How does your attitude fit your life? We get our clothes altered to fit our body, but what about our attitude? How often do we even think about our attitude or make adjustments? As a recruiter and sales trainer my job is to motivate others and I often tell my team, “Attitude, more…

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Some of My Favorite Inspirations

Happiness has become the main focus in my life and here a few of my favorite books on choosing happiness. These are just a few of many that contributed to my overall experience of being happy. “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz is a delightful easy read that teaches the power of our words. The…

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Put Happiness First

How can you ‘put happiness first’? Most of us are too busy to even think about that. The reality is if we did take time for our own happiness first, all else would be better. Do you ever think about how happy you are? What kind of things do you do to raise your happiness level? We…

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Is Happiness Overrated?

Is happiness overrated? In my opinion, happiness is underrated. Most people I know are so busy getting through the day they do not take the time to focus things that make them happy. The Law of Attraction tells us simply that when we are happy, we will automatically attract more things that make us happy.…

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