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How is it possible that we are the One? When I was young and in Catholic school I had a teacher state many times over that the Bible tells us the world will end when we all are of ‘ONE’ mind. She usually stated this after some kind of squabble or upset, and then she would add, so I guess the world is not ending today. As a child I pondered those words often.

How could it ever be that all of humankind be of ONE mind? We are all so different, I used to think. But lately I have gained a new perspective on the subject. You see, to this day I still ponder those words. I have been on an inward journey for many years to get as close to the Source of creation as humanly possible, God is the term I use. This quest has brought me many surprises along with inner peace and joy.

Meditation has changed my perception of who we are as a race. Because of my own life’ experience I know firsthand that there is a difference between knowledge and experience. We can gain knowledge through education but it is our individual experience that gives us full understanding. We do not know what we don’t know until we finally do know and understand with experience. Some people can understand with knowledge but most only truly get it with experience.

Here is some insight I have gained. There is only ONE mind. The Divine Mind, or the Divine Matrix, as some say or the field of potentiality. I think of each human as a single cell of a one body. Each cell (human person) is part of the whole body, and each human cell (human being) is here to experience different pieces of the life puzzle to gain and fully understand all the possibilities.

Imagine a baby growing in a mother’s womb. So many various organs growing at the same time until the brain functions ( or rather the heart functions as we know better today) take over and all organs are connected and begin to function as one human body.

Each cell is unique and whole but all cells are connected by the ONE body. The cells function individually yet at the same time are functioning as ONE. Once all cells become aware of the Oneness the baby is ready to leave the womb.

Help one another.

Mankind has grown to the point where many people now realize we are all connected. Our subconscious minds are one and the same. We are at a point where we have the knowledge and experience to move forward as One Being, we only need the awareness to realize we are all God because there is nothing that exists that is outside of God.

We are ready to be born as One Being. The time has come to help each other. We have the understanding now and the strong need to help the weak cells. If one person suffers the rest of us cannot live in peace. We can only evolve together as One Being, One mind, One body. United we survive.

Live Happy! Happiness comes from being who you are and showing your true colors. Your true light is needed because of the very fact you are here now.

We are in this together and only together will our world move on in peace, and that is how I envision the Power of the ONE. We are the ONE!

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