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I am very grateful to be able to plug into the power of happiness. Just as exercise strengthens the body, meditation strengthens our connection to the power of our Soul. With physical exercise, when you first begin, you may feel some pain afterwards or have sore muscles. If you continue to exercise routinely that soreness subsides but you still feel the muscles you worked for hours afterwards. The exercise brings an awareness of your body into your consciousness.

With meditation, once you get past the initial phase and learn to quiet your mind, you also gain an awareness, just as in physical exercise. Only this awareness is of the power we all have within, and of the energy that connects us all.  Our Soul is going to be here long after we are gone and it only makes sense to tune-in to it’s power while you are alive.

The way I see it is that we are all cells of the same body. Each cell has its own function to do and every cell is important. Whoever and whatever is here belongs. In meditation you get connected with the source of your own power, and over time become clear and are able to see that we all are connected to the same power, which I call God. When you are in this state you can only feel happy and content.

Humans keep reproducing life on our planet and eventually every person (or human cell) is replaced.

It only makes sense to me that if everyone plugged into their own power and that power connected us all, there would be a more coherent state on the planet. All living for one power, greater than each individual,and living in peace. Everyone happy in their own purpose. Heaven? I believe we are closer than we think.

Each of us is like an electrical appliance that is useless when not connected to the electrical power. But because we have free will to live as we choose, many are not connected to the power because they cannot see past the material world. Most people I know just don’t know the difference meditation or being plugged in will make in their life, and therefore don’t make the time to discover the truth.

The fact that people don’t understand the difference makes me want to scream at the top of lungs! Wake up! Tune-in! Because I have taken the time and I do understand the difference meditation makes. The experience is similar to the difference between being healthy and being sick but in the case with meditation and connecting to the power, most people don’t know they are not consciously connected.

Everyone is connected to the power or they would not be here but becoming conscious and awakened to the power within changes everything for the better. All there is to know for your own happiness lies within you. Only you can begin the process. Sending my love to you and hope you take the time to plug into your own power: Plug in to The power of happiness.

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