Once the state of being happy becomes our natural state ‘the Magic of Happiness’appears. As human beings we usually make our decisions and choices based upon either gaining pleasure or avoiding pain. We are all striving to get to that happy state the easiest possible way. What if I told you that you need to walk through the pain to get to happiness?  Would you believe me? Are you ready to do just that?

Sometimes our life seems so complicated with all the things we need to do. Meetings, deadlines, laundry, finances, children, school work, cooking, cleaning, dealing with depression, illness, death, and all the other stuff that make up our busy lives. Why do we do it all? Why do we get so stressed? What are we doing it all for? The bottom line remains that happiness is our final goal. After all, we just want to be happy.

The truth is that we can either live in a state of stress or be in a creative state. What do you choose? The two states cannot exist at the same time. In a creative state life just flows. There are ups and downs but we are able to roll with the flow more easily.

Once we are in a stress state we begin to fight what is and we struggle to get through the day. The stress takes away from our state of well being and happiness, and eventually leads to health problems, lack of productivity, and depression.

Get HappyWhen you allow yourself to live in a creative state, happiness flows.  In a happy state the spirit in you can steer you much easier. The creative state leaves you the second you begin to rush or worry.

This is why it is so important to begin your day in a positive state. One happy thought in the morning can change the outcome of your day. How much time and effort are you willing to contribute to creating  a happy life for yourself?

To live in a continuous creative state takes awareness and requires a dedicated focus. However, this state of being can be achieved. First, the need to take responsibility for your current situation, no matter what it is, is required. There are no victims. Whatever is happening in your life is your doing.

Accept that you created whatever situation you are dealing and living with. Maybe it is not what you want but when you take the responsibility for your life you gain the power to change your circumstances. When you are the victim you give up your power and become trapped.

The second key is to be grateful. Find something in your life that you can be grateful for and build on that.  The state of gratitude attracts more things into your life that you will be grateful for. Be grateful that you have the power to change your circumstances.

There is magic in everyday life when you live in a constant state of acceptance and gratitude. Happiness begins with the thoughts you think today. Are your thoughts taking you higher or lower on the happiness scale? Only you control your thoughts. You have the power to create the life you desire but are you willing to take the responsibility for where you are right now?

I wish you peace, love and happiness. I hope you find the magic. Remember: Only you can open the door to ‘the Magic of Happiness.’

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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