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Here are some of my thoughts for living a happy life. Sometimes we face obstacles that can get in our way to living happy, if we allow them to get in the way. A few years back I had to deal with several big challenges that were difficult and caused me angst for over a year.

To start, my house had stucco issues due to windows that had been incorrectly installed. Insurance will not cover the expense and it is too long to go after the builder. The estimates run between $25,000 and $35, 000. Quite a shock to me at the time, and this news had my thoughts on a carnival ride at first.“How can this be?” “Where is this money coming from?” “This is not fair!” and on and on.

There are some other expenses I had planned on such as new windows and replacing some of the wood frames on the bay windows. I did my best to remain calm but that ride my thoughts we on kept right on spinning. Now I know worry is a misuse of my imagination but somehow I did not let go fast enough because this is what I attracted. More expenses!

Unexpectedly my air conditioner needed a repair, the good news is the part was covered under warranty, the bad news was that the labor is $1200.00. Not the end of the world but not exactly part of the budget. Just another expense!

Next, a  faucet in one of the bathrooms went bad and needed to be replaced. Not a big deal I thought, right? Ha! I was shocked when I got the estimate at $2,100.00 not including the faucets! This is when I realized that my worrying about the stucco expense is attracting more expenses. 

Finally I was able to change my thoughts around. Instead of being upset for all the repairs that are needed I began to shift my thoughts to being grateful that I am a homeowner. Years ago I thought I’d never be able to afford my own home. So, here I am years later, a homeowner with homeowner expenses.

Once I began to feel grateful my energy shifted and I began figuring out a plan to move ahead. At the end of my life is $30,000.00 going to make a big difference in my life? But owning my own home certainly has made a huge impact on mine and my two sons lives.

So I arrange my mind to focus on the love and shelter this home has provided us and I feel grateful about having the expenses that homeowners have, and this is how you can change your thoughts, focus on the positive, and live a happy life.

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