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Make happiness your New Year resolution. “Why?” you ask. Because happiness is the best choice you can make. Your feelings and emotions are so important and not only affect you and your health but quantum physics now shows how our feelings and emotions actually affect the world around us.

According to author Gregg Braden, scientist and spiritualist, our feelings are very important in the creation of our world. He states we all belong and are important factors in the Universe in which we live.

Therefore, there is very good reason to focus on happiness in the coming year. Happiness as a New Year resolution will not only improve your life but the world around  you. A while back I suggested ten simple things you can do to boost your happiness level. Simple everyday actions to get you on the path to changing your thoughts and focus because what you focus on is crucial to your well being.

The question is what are you willing to do to boost your happiness level? If you knew your own happiness can help not only you but others in your life and the planet in general, would you put the effort in? I think we all would make the effort if we understood just how powerful being happy can be. Be the change you wish to see in the world around you.

When happiness is combined with gratitude it is the perfect recipe for living your best life. A life filled with passion, joy, love and kindness all begin with the feeling of happiness and gratitude. Love yourself just as you are! New Year’s is a time of reflection and a great time to make changes in habits. I urge you to work on gaining the habit of happiness. Being happy will benefit you more than almost anything.

If you are in a situation that you just cannot be happy about, and trust me I know first- hand how some situations are like that, acceptance is a must. Accept where you are and do your best to focus on something that you can be grateful for. Anything at all.

Focus is the power that will help you change. Somehow you need to change your thoughts about your situation. Imagine how your situation might improve. Imagine the life you desire. Accept what is and use your imagination to see where you’d like to go. This is the first step. Make sure your vision makes you feel good while thinking of it, your feelings are the magnet.

When your mind is in a positive, happy state, your brain functions better. When your brain functions better you do better. When you do better you feel better. When you feel better you attract better circumstances into your life. Please know that all this information is true and will enhance your life which is exactly the reason I am suggesting:  Make Happiness Your New Year Resolution.

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