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Archive for December 2018

Make Happiness Your New Year Resolution

Terri Lynn's happy Talk

Make happiness your New Year resolution. “Why?” you ask. Because happiness is the best choice you can make. Your feelings and emotions are so important and not only affect you and your health but quantum physics now shows how our feelings and emotions actually affect the world around us. According to author Gregg Braden, scientist and spiritualist, our feelings…

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What is the Secret to Success?

What is the secret to success? What makes a person successful?  With hindsight I can see clearly what developed my successful career in sales, and to my own surprise it is not the hard work that I did or the long hours. Funny, because that is what I was taught…you have to put your nose…

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Do You Feel This Moment?

The other morning while doing my exercise routine listening to music the song, ‘Feel this moment,” came on by Pitbull and Christina Aguilerra. The song really got my adrenaline going and my mind began to wonder about all the moments that get lost in thought during the day. How many moments do we really experience fully?…

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The Heart and Soul of Happiness

What is the heart and soul of happiness? According to many experts it is believed that the Soul attaches to the body by way of the heart. The heart is the first organ of the body to develop and when the heart stops beating the Soul departs the body and causes death. So all makes perfect scientific sense.…

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My Thoughts for Living Happy

Here are some of my thoughts for living a happy life. Sometimes we face obstacles that can get in our way to living happy, if we allow them to get in the way. A few years back I had to deal with several big challenges that were difficult and caused me angst for over a year.…

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We Are the ONE

How is it possible that we are the One? When I was young and in Catholic school I had a teacher state many times over that the Bible tells us the world will end when we all are of ‘ONE’ mind. She usually stated this after some kind of squabble or upset, and then she would add, so I guess the…

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Ten Ways To Boost Your Happiness

Ten ways to boost your happiness. Is it really possible to choose happiness? If that is true why is everyone not happy all the time? To answer this question we need to define what does happiness mean? According to the dictionary happiness is to enjoy, display cheer or emote joy. So, how can you be happy when you…

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Plug in to the Power of Happiness

I am very grateful to be able to plug into the power of happiness. Just as exercise strengthens the body, meditation strengthens our connection to the power of our Soul. With physical exercise, when you first begin, you may feel some pain afterwards or have sore muscles. If you continue to exercise routinely that soreness subsides but you still feel the…

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How to Be Happy When the Going Gets Tough

Some days are easier than others so, “What can you do to be happy when the going gets tough?” Sadness, stress, depression, loneliness, anger, illness and the list goes on. The many daily struggles that face us all and suck up our positive outlook and happiness. Once the negative takes over us it is a…

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The Magic of Happiness

Once the state of being happy becomes our natural state ‘the Magic of Happiness’appears. As human beings we usually make our decisions and choices based upon either gaining pleasure or avoiding pain. We are all striving to get to that happy state the easiest possible way. What if I told you that you need to walk through the pain to…

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