What do you do to ‘pump up your happy meter’? Do you even think about how happy you are? This is one area in life I am an expert; Happiness. Due to ten years of living in what I consider to be hell, my focus on the positive not only got me through the horror, but delivered me “heaven.” Heaven, I discovered, is a state of mind. More so, a state of being, but it takes a concentrated effort, and a true commitment, to put happiness first.

Let’s use our imagination for a moment. Imagine you are a balloon. To prepare a balloon to expand we first stretch it. So, allow your mind to accept a new idea. Now, imagine the helium as positive thoughts. At first, the balloon is resistant, as are you. But once enough helium (positive thoughts and feelings) is inserted, the balloon expands and begins to rise. Once past the halfway mark the balloon takes flight, and you (the balloon) float above all the negativity. Imagine how great that feels.

So how much effort are you willing to put into your life to rise above it all? From my own experience I will tell you that it is not that easy to get started, but once you begin to rise, the payback is huge. Only you can raise your happiness level, and when you do, you will understand.

The world is full negativity. You must ‘pump up the happy’ by consciously putting positive thoughts in by reading positive things, watching funny movies, doing an activity you love, placing a positive trigger in front of you, walking outdoors, singing, dancing, listening to your favorite music, etc.

Do what makes you feel good. I say often, “When you feel good, good things happen.” This I know for sure because I have put in the effort and experienced the flight. Once you get a positive flow the positive keeps expanding. Wishing you a happy flight; this is how you “Pump up Your Happy Meter!”

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