The question is: Is it possible to be happy most of the time? We are all very emotional beings and we feel a range of emotions every day. What those emotions are depends on what our current circumstances are, how we interpret the world around us and the stories we tell ourselves. If you were able to control those circumstances, would you?

Whether you realize it or not the fact is that your feelings are magnets and those feelings attract into your life things that match your feelings. Therefore, by controlling your feelings you can control the very circumstances that make up your life. That is what Norman Vincent Peale meant when he said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

The first step is to gain an awareness of what you are feeling. If you are not feeling good then go to your thoughts and change your focus. Focus is very important. Focus on things that you love. Focus on things that make you smile. Keep a trigger (something that you will see often that serves as a reminder to change focus) in front of you as reminder to focus on something positive.

Fill yourself with love. When you focus on feeling love and gratitude your feelings will bring to you more circumstances that you love and things you are grateful for. If you cannot give love and be grateful for the circumstances that surround you and you cannot change the circumstances, accept what is. Let it be, do what you have to do to get through and force yourself to focus on something that makes you feel love and gratitude, even if it is short lived. Focus is a powerful tool.

In the book, Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch, God tells us that when faced with making a decision ask yourself, “What would love do?” before you act. Imagine if everyone did this what a wonderful world this would be.

Life does not always seem this simple but many of us make it more difficult than it has to be. This is why I often say, “When you feel good, good things happen.” So I urge you to feel as good as you can as often as you can and live a happier life.

This process does take work. Just becoming aware enough to feel love and gratitude all day long is a chore. So another question is how much are you willing to do to create a happy life? A love filled life? A grateful life? Meditation is required. Focus is a must. Can you do it? Of course you CAN, but will you? I sure hope so!

So the answer to the question above is: Although it is not probable that most people will put enough work into the ability to feel love and gratitude, I believe that it is possible to be happy most of the time.

Terri Lynn's Happy Talk

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