The funny thing about today is that: Today Matters! So often we get caught up in all the things that we have to get done and we forget to do the most important thing… to Live. This really sounds stupid but how often does a day go by where your focus is anywhere else but today?

Whatever we are doing, the power of life lies in our focus. Whatever you are focused on is where your energy is going, and that is the direction you are taking yourself. Where are you heading?

Sometimes we live in the future waiting for that big event or worrying about something that may or may not happen, and we lose the power today holds. Often we live in the past reliving an event or regretting something that we did or that happened to us.

As the saying goes: Life goes on! There is nothing like the present moment to give us the power to create the life we want. Just start today to enjoy some little thing and focus on what you want. Your brain knows how to go after what you focus on but unfortunately many of us are focused on what we don’t want and that is what we get more of. Or, we are not focused at all.

Happiness, peace, and joy are always within us if we can quiet our mind enough to focus on them. Gratitude is an easy way for me to feel the power of happiness, joy and peace. I just close my eyes and think of things I am grateful for and before long I am feeling better.

Today has been one of the more difficult days for me due to several pressing issues that I need to handle over the next week. I found tears welling up in my eyes several times due to emotional stress. So, I decided to take my own advice and put focus on all the good in my life. This takes discipline and work especially during highly emotional times but it truly works.

I can get through this time of challenge happily regardless of what the outcome is. I know that the better I am able to feel the better the outcome will be. “When you feel good, good things happen!” my famous words. Just sitting down to write these words is helping me to focus on what I really want…to help others keep a positive focus. So please remember the funny thing about today: Today Matters!

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